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Annual Cleaning Is Offered For Your Lexington Pool Deck


Most Lexington homeowners clean their pool deck once a year. Not only is it important to upkeep the value of your property, but to ensure there are no fall hazards surrounding your pool. The pool is a place the whole family comes together to have fun, so there should never be a concern for fall hazards. With water constantly getting on the pool deck algae, mold, and mildew begin to thrive and grow rapidly. Which is why pool decks get cleaned once a year, due to how fast that organic material begins to grow. Along with that comes a hazard, when that organic material gets wet it becomes very slippery and someone could easily fall even while exercising caution. This is where the pros at Profusion Pressure Washing can take care of your pool deck concrete cleaning needs! We not only utilize pressure to wash away any dirt and grime from your Lexington pool deck. We also use a post treatment of our state-of-the-art premium algaecide to ensure no spores or roots from the organic growth remain on your pool deck after treatment. Ensuring your pool deck is safe for everyone to enjoy without the constant worry of any sort of hazard looming. While also guaranteeing those pests stay away for longer. Just like a House Wash, we highly recommend getting your pool deck cleaned once a year, you can learn more on our annual cleaning agreement.

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