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Full Fence Wood Restoration in Lexington, KY

Full fence wood restoration lexington ky

We originally were called out to do a simple cleaning on this wood fence in Lexington, KY. Upon arrival we noticed the fence was overrun with grey fibers from weathering, algae, mold, and mildew. It was completely infested. We discovered the customer was in pursuit of sealing and staining the fence. While a normal cleaning would remove the organic material and "clean" the surface, it would not properly prep the surface of the wood to actually accept and absorb the stain or sealant.

This is why we offer two different services, for those not trying to seal or stain, a simple cleaning may be fine. However we offer a full Restoration for those in pursuit of returning their fences and decks as close to "new" as possible. Two different pricing points which is another reason why we offer both. Simple one step cleaning will in turn be on the less costly side than a full restoration.

Once the customer was armed with this information, they decided to go with a full restoration. As a simple wood cleaning would yield quite poor results when going to seal or stain. Upon arrival to the jobsite, we pre-treated the fence with water standing far back to ensure we didn't force any water into the wood. This would then crack and contribute to bowing the wood if water was forced in. Once the surface was prepped we applied our proprietary wood restorer. Let this dwell for several minutes, then came back with a pressure washer on an extremely lite setting to rinse off all organic contaminants that were residing in the wood's pores that the restorer brought to the surface.

We did this all the way around, and rinsed thoroughly. Upon completion of that step we began to apply our wood brightener. This does many things for the fence. After application of the alkaline wood restorer, we have to neutralize the pH of the fence in order to properly restore it. The wood brightener, of course brightens the wood from where the alkaline restorer darkened and restores natural wood tones. It returns the pH of the wood neutral again as well. It also will remove any iron oxide runs "rust" runs from the nails in the wood. Most importantly it opens the woods pores that were once filled with contaminant. A normal wood cleaning does not provide any of these benefits. Pores being open is key to allow the stain and sealant to soak into the wood properly. A normal cleaning will not open the pores of the wood and if stain or sealant is applied, will be rejected and not give the desired look upon completion.

After we applied the wood brightener, we let that sit for some time and do its work. Upon completion of the dwell time, we came back once more with our pressure washer on a low setting to rinse the rest of the brightener out of the wood leaving behind a completely restored, and prepped surface for stain and sealant application.

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