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Concrete Stripping & Cleaning on Coleman Ave. in Clarksville, IN

Complete Stripping Cleaning On Coleman Ave Clarksville IN B A

This customer called me out in regard to having their car port's concrete stripped and cleaned off the concrete stain they applied a year before. It was beginning to chip away leaving a not-so-desirable finish. When I got out there, I instantly could tell this was an acrylic based concrete stain which we offer on our website. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a water-based stain or not. With our graffiti removal package, we include anything acrylic whether that be stain, paint, or spray paint.

I applied my cleaning solution to the surface and let it sit for about 15 minutes while it ate away at the stain. Once that was done, we went over it with the surface cleaner, to remove most of the suds the product creates when it come into contact with water. Once most of the suds were gone and rinsed off, we simply took about 4200 PSI equipped with a turbo nozzle and blasted the rest of the stain off of the concrete. Overall the customer was shocked and very happy with our pressure washing and end product, as were we. You can see the true end product for the customer in the photos tagged with this project.

Concrete Cleaning Project Photos

Products Used: Simpson Powershot Pressure Washing, BE Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner, DeWalt Pressure Washer Spray Gun, Home Depot
Client Review: Very professional & polite, from 1st point of contact till the job was completed. Always kept in touch on his arrival date and time.Very neat throughout the whole process cleaned stain off my carport which I thought was hopeless. EXCELLENT JOB would recommend 100%!!
- Karen H

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