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Deep Concrete Driveway Cleaning on Griffin Gate Drive in Lexington, Kentucky

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This project took place in April of 2023, we started off by applying our soft washing solution to break up and disinfect the black mold, algae, and mildew from the Driveway. Once the Soft Washing solution has done its' work, all the organic material is loosened and ready to be Pressure Washed.

We then took our Surface Cleaner and began Pressure Washing the entire driveway, from top to bottom achieving a deep concrete cleaning. Once the driveway had been Pressure Washed in its' entirety we gave it a bulk rinse from our pressure washer to remove the standing dirt from the surface leaving it sparkling, and deep cleaned for years to come.

The Soft Washing in tandem with the Pressure Washing is the key. The Soft Washing keeps the surface clean for much longer than a standard Pressure Washing would. Easily 1-3x longer in our experience. Which we include free of charge for our customers.


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