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Fence Cleaning on Pepperhill Cir. in Lexington, KY

Fence Cleaning on Pepperhill Cir in Lexington KY

The customer had called us to come out and examine their fence for what they believed was "weather damage." Upon arrival, I noticed there wasn't weather damage but mold, mildew, and algae growing in large quantities on their fence. It was caked on there so much that it completely covered the natural color of the wood. Once I informed the client on this, I provided them a range of ways to take care of this problem. In the end, they went with our Soft Washing service. Soft washing this fence was the way to go to ensure the best end-product. We sprayed our solution on the fence at a very low pressure and rinsed with a garden hose, and this is what we ended up with. We finished the job by applying a brightener not only to brighten the wood but also to open up the wood's pores. When the customer goes to stain their wood, it will absorb the stain beautifully and leave a gorgeous color behind for 2-3 years. The customer was delighted to know their fence was sanitized entirely, ready to seal and stain, and much appreciated our expertise. Thanks to Zach C for the great opportunity.

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Products Used: Honda, Simpson, Solo
Client Review: I had called Profusion out to examine exactly what was going on with my fence, I thought it was weather damage.... Within the hour not only had they educated me on what it was we were dealing with growing on my fence but also provided an affordable solution to take care of my problem. We needed to stain our fence however we knew we needed to clean it first, and Profusion did just that and more by telling us exactly how to stain it properly as well. Truly a diamond in the rough give these guys a chance, you all! They know what they're talking about and are completely honest up front with what to expect. I couldn't have asked for a better service for my money. 10/10 great job
- Zach C.

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