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Gutter Brightening in Lexington, KY

Gutter brightening lexington ky

This is an add-on service typically to a normal stand House Washing service. Our House Washing service includes removal of organic growth, cobwebs, and dirt from the home's siding, gutter faces, fascia, soffits, downspouts and outcroppings such as an entryway. However it does not include gutter brightening or oxidation removal from siding, gutter faces, or painted surfaces.

This service however is an oxidation removal from gutter faces aka tiger striping. This occurs on many homes in Central KY, and it can be removed however it is an upcharge from a standard house wash. Typically we wash the entire house first, as the tiger striping or oxidation isn't revealed until after the house is washed properly. Some houses do not have it at all, some have it bad, and some have light oxidation. This house was somewhere in the middle, and you can see by the pictures.

We first wash the entire house, and rinse thoroughly, we then proceed to wet down all the gutter faces and apply our premium oxidation remover coupled with a commercial grade surfactant. We let that dwell for some time, and then come back with a soft bristle brush, and gently agitate the surface, removing all the nasty black stripes in the process, leaving behind a seamlessly clean gutter faces to couple a seamlessly clean house.

Budget: $150-$200

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Products Used: Profusion Pressure Washing, House Washing, Soft Washing, Gutter Brightening
- Mike S.

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