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House Washing Services on Jasmine Rose Way in Lexington, KY

House washing services jasmine rose way lexington ky

This particular home was going up for sale by owner, and they needed services before it sold. When arriving on the job site, there was huge amounts of green algae growing all over their siding, gutter faces, and soffits.

The job was started by first pre-wetting all of the vegetation, and windows to ensure no etching or damage. Then the proprietary House Washing solution is applied to each side of the home. Specifically all vinyl, fascia, soffits, gutter faces, downspouts, entryways, and window frame faces. Once the blend has had enough time to do it's job, the pressure washer is utilized for a final 3-point rinse to ensure streak free windows and that any remaining solution, dirt, or cobwebs are removed and rinsed away. Leaving behind a seamless clean.

Budget: $250-$350

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Products Used: House Washing, Pressure Washing, Soft Washing

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