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Roof Washing in Lexington, KY

Roof washing

This particular client requested that the north side of his roof be washed. The north side is typically where all the gloeocapsa magma congests and grows. These are known as black streaks. Our proprietary Roof Washing, Roof Cleaning solution gets applied to the entirety of the roof needing washed. It immediately goes to work, and eliminates those black streaks at the root, which is technically bacteria.

Over time if not treated property, that organic growth eats at the shingles, and creates holes. Where the holes are created, any rain water, or snow, etc can leak through and cause structural damage to said property. After the treatment, the client no longer has to worry of such risks. Any big organic growth like, moss, lichen, etc will come down through the next month or two, by natural elements such as wind, rain, and sun. Making the eliminated moss, and lichen brittle and flaking off the roof naturally, as no pressure can be utilized while cleaning a roof or the manufacturer warranty is voided.

Our proprietary soft washing method ensures, no damage comes to the home or shingles, removes all organic material safely and black streaks same day. Also allows the bigger bodies organics such as lichen or moss to safely release and fall off through the coming weeks as natural elements take care of them.

This leaves behind a completely rejuvenated, and healthy roof which there are no risks for structural damage.


Client Review: Excellent job and easy to work with! I highly recommend his services!
- Bill B

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