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Soft Wash House Washing on Brick and Vinyl in Versailles, KY

Soft wash house wash brick vinyl versailles ky

We utilize our Soft Washing method to remove any organic material from a home safely no matter what the substrate may be. Whether its wood, brick, stucco, dryvit, or vinyl, we soft wash it all. Which is exactly what we did for this particular project. When we arrived we saw the brick was absolutely infested with green algae, from years of neglect.

This organic growth will eat away at your homes surfaces, degrading them, along with the value of your home. We recommend a Soft Wash House Wash once a year in the spring to keep things properly maintained. We also can offer a cheaper service as the more something is maintained, the easier it is to clean, less materials used, which lets us bring our price down!

Initially, we pre-wet any surface we are going to soft wash, just as you typically would get your dishes wet before scrubbing with soap. After this we applied a thin layer of our state-of-the-art premium algaecide to each side of the house. We let that dwell for a good amount of time, while that is happening the solution attacks and eliminates all organic material at the root so it can no longer spread, and leaves the surface infestation free.

After the solution has done it's work properly, we take our pressure washer on a extremely low setting sub 300 PSI typically, and rinse away and dirt, cobwebs, or remaining solution on the sides of the home, leaving behind a seamless clean! Another House Washing by Profusion Pressure Washing.

Budget: $200-$400

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